A downloadable Stealth/Puzzle Game for Windows

In this Victorian-era puzzle stealth game, you play as an ember that must use flame to survive as you progress towards freedom and a permanent source of fuel. Avoid staying in the dark for too long, while using the guard's lanterns to traverse obstacles scattered throughout the map. Go too long without a source and you'll fizzle out!

Navigate this new take on a stealth game!

Utilizes an Xbox controller or Keyboard:

Left joystick/WASD to navigate

Right Joystick/Arrow keys to control camera

A / Space bar to enter and exit flames

X / E + faced direction to transfer from flame to flame

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 64 bit

Art by Sean Murray and Brock Richards

Code by Sudeep Singh and Daniel Páez

Production by James Montgomery and Benjamin Steele (with special credit to Jon Do)


IncogFerno-2015-12-09.zip 161 MB

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